USB-Serial adapter cannot be found

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USB-Serial adapter cannot be found

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If you have plugged your USB-Serial adapter into your PC and you cannot locate it in the list of ports when you try to configure your scale, it's very likely that the correct Device Driver has not been installed.


USB-Serial adapters require special software called a Device Driver to enable them to operate correctly. In general, the Device Driver for one brands adapter will not work with another brands adapter and Windows does not install Device Driver software for this type of device.


To determine if that is indeed a problem, open the Windows Device Manager to see if you see something similar to the image below:






If you encounter problem, you will need to determine the manufacturer of your device. Then using the manufacturers support website, locate, download and install the Device Driver software. Unfortunately, many adapters have no markings which make determining the manufacturer next to impossible.


Another alternative is to simply replace the adapter. We suggest looking for devices made by Belkin (F5U409), Keyspan (USA-19HS), Digi (Edgeport/1), StarTech or TRENDnet (TU-S9) paying close attention that the device is clearly marked. With a device that is clearly marked, next time you try to use the device with a new computer, you will be able to locate the Device Driver software with ease.