Example Scale commands

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Example Scale commands

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The following example discusses how to send command strings to control the IQplus 350 digital weight indicator. This command string format is common to most IQ series indicators. The IQplus 350 installation manual (section 5.0) clearly describes the commands:




Adding up a command string


Command strings are configured using the Status Conditions property editor. To add a command string click the + on the Status Conditions property editor. The new command will be inserted as a new row at the top of the grid control.




From the Description drop down control, select a command. Is this example will choose the command CmdUnits which is used to toggle the scale units.




Enter the command string in the String property. In this example the command string is KUNITS. In a round about way, section 5.1.1 of the IQplus 350 manual tells you that command strings must include the ENTER key. The ENTER key is represented by the carriage return control code (^M or #13) or the command string will be ignored. The complete command string is KUNITS^M or KUNITS#13.




Click the check to save the command.