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ScaleDisplay Software for Windows®

Digital Circular Linear Circular 1/2 Left Right Circular 3/4 Wide

ScaleDisplay is an application that allows a Windows® PC to act as a remote display for one or more digital weight indicators.

ScaleDisplay can even act as a virtual digital weight indicator for itself, Dispatch 3.2 or any software the is compatible with Serial or Ethernet enabled digital weight indicators.


Download ScaleDisplay 1.2

ScaleDisplay is designed for and tested on 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x86-64) versions of Windows.

Download ScaleDisplay and use it for as long as you like — FREE. This is not an evaluation. It is not a test drive. It is fully functional and fully supported — no charge.

For more detailed information on ScaleDisplay, please refer to the Online Documentation.

If you'd like to contact us, we provide toll-free support for all users. Simply call 1-800-461-0634 and we will be happy to help you!

Built-in UDP Client

Even though it sounds like it it's acting a server, ScaleDisplay's UDP client can send the scale weight to a specific computer or broadcast to any computer on your network.

This is valuable feature when dealing with older digital weight indicators that would normally be need to be connected to a Ethernet to serial link in order to send data across a network.

ScaleDisplay UDP Client

ScaleDisplay UDP Client

Built-in Web Server

Using ScaleDisplay's built-in web server, you can use a web browser and a VPN to monitor scales from virtually anywhere in the world!

ScaleDisplay Web Server

The TCP/IP port and page update rate are user configurable.