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Tank Scales

Hydrostatic Load Cell Model 136

Designed with non-electronic Hydrostatic Load Cells, our Tank Scale Systems are designed for long term reliability in harsh environments.

A Testimonial form Mr. Jim Stonehocker, Chief Operating Officer, Odom’s Tennessee Pride Company

Product testimonials from experienced customers are invaluable, especially when they arrive unsolicited from so significant a customer as Odom’s Tennessee Pride. Below are some comments from Mr. Jim Stonehocker, Chief Operating Officer of the famous Odom’s Tennessee Pride Company.

"Hydrostatic scales have been one of the most exciting investments that we have made in our plant. We could not keep our electronic load cell scales operational and, as a result, we could not get reliable yield numbers".

Hydrostatic Load Cell
Model 102

“Scale troubles were a major and constant topic of conversation. That issue has totally disappeared since we installed the Hydrostatic scales".

“We are excited about the future. We have aggressively invested in our business for over the past six years, with three expansions".

“We want to lead the industry in new technology, and the new Hydrostatic scales we purchased are part of that effort".

“I love to talk about technology that works this well, and delivers what it promises. This equipment has gotten us out of trouble, and others in our industry should be using this technology to get control of their operations.”

Tennessee Pride was founded in 1943 by Douglas Odom Sr. The company operates 3 plants in the United States: two plants in Tennessee and one in Arkansas.