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M2000 Digital Weight Indicator


With increased A–D sampling speed and high resolution converter technology, the M2000 Digital Weight Indicator can display up to 20,000 displayed divisions, and is NTEP class III/IIIL certified to 10,000 divisions with sampling up to 100 times a second per channel, ideal for demanding weighing applications such as high speed batching.

The M2000 offers 3 independent channels without using traditional multiplexing techniques. This ensures fast, predictable weighing with no performance lossin multi-channel weighing modes.

Having multi-channel capability allows the M2000 to support weighing of more than one scale. For truck weighing applications, this means a multi-deck scale could be set up to weigh individual truck axles. All channels on the M2000 can be summed together in total mode giving the total weight of the vehicle. Switching to individual channel mode allows you to inspect individual axle weights.

The M2000 supports analog or digital load cell systems. The M2000 allows you to implement all the advantages of a digital load cell system without being locked into proprietary digital load cell technology.



NTEP Class III/IIIL 10000, Measurement Canada Class III 10000 and IIIHD 20000

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