Low Profile Truck Scales

EFDI/HFDI Truck Scales are the heavy weights in the Low Profile class of Truck Scales. Pound for pound, they literally outweigh most other Low Profile Truck Scales. Our Truck Scales are buit for the the toughest truck weighing applications on earth.


Available in 14″ and 18″ profiles, EFDI/HFDI Truck Scales are engineered to deliver exceptional performance. EFDI/HFDI Truck Scales are available in both steel deck and concrete deck configurations.

Under legal highway loads, the EFDI/HFDI weighbridge deflects less than 1:850. In addition, it stands at an overall height of 20″, providing a large and easily accessible clean out. With an up to 14′ wide loading area it delivers greater safety and faster processing, allowing your operation to run at full potential.

In order to meet the need for flexibility, the EFDI/HFDI's modular design makes it easy to expand. As you business grows and traffic patterns change, it can be relocated easily and quickly.

Truck Scale Software

Typical sizes and capacities

The sizes and capacities of our most popular Low Profile Truck Scale models are listed below. All models are available in widths from 10′ to 16′. Custom lengths and widths are also available.

Electronic Model
Hytronic Model
Platform Size
EFDI 4050 HFDI 4050
50 tonne
EFDI 5050 HFDI 5050
50 tonne
EFDI 6080 HFDI 6080
80 tonne
EFDI 70100 HFDI 70100
100 tonne
EFDI 80100 HFDI 80100
100 tonne
EFDI 90100 HFDI 90100
100 tonne
EFDI 100100 HFDI 100100
100 tonne


EFDI and HFDI model Truck Scales are backed by a ten-year limited weighbridge warranty.

EFDI models are covered by a two year load cell warranty.

HFDI models are covered by our LIFE/10 load cell warranty.

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