CS-ISQL—Interactive SQL for Dispatch

It's true, Dispatch already comes complete with plenty useful, ready-to-use reports. But, if want complete control of your Dispatch data you need CS-ISQL.


CS-ISQL is a tool for working with Dispatch tables using SQL that allows you to see your data exactly the way you want to see it.

Download CS-ISQL

Ad-hoc reporting

CS-ISQL is perfect for creating your own adhoc reports which can be printed, saved and emailed.

Export your results

Once you got the results you are looking for, it's simple to save the data in any of the following formats:

Database administration

CS-ISQL can be used to perform many common adminstrative tasks.

Some tasks, such as updating and deleting that may have taken hours to perform using a Dispatch can be done in seconds using CS-ISQL. For example, say you wanted to update the prices for all Materials by 5%:

UPDATE "Material" SET "Unit Price" = "Unit Price" * 1.05

That's it. One statement and it's done. All the prices have been updated.