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Dispatch 3.2 Truck Scale Software

Dispatch 3.2 is the latest in our popular line of Truck Scale Software. Dispatch controls all aspects of the weighing process from Order taking to Ticket Printing to through to Invoicing and Account Management.

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Dispatch 3.2 is ideal for Aggregate, Sand and Gravel, Asphalt, Road Building, Recycling, Waste Management and Forestry operations.

eTicketing: Automatically send Tickets by email and/or text as they produced to an unlimited number of recipients or send a batch of Tickets at the end of the day.

Dispatch 3.2 has full support for eTicketing — sending your tickets by email and text. It's not an add-on — it's built right in! Application or web based email clients like Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail are NOT required.

What's new?

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New modern user interface

We have removed the clutter and streamlined the user interface to make it easier for new users to get started and experienced users to get work done.

New modern interface

Customize the Look and Feel with Skins!

Use the Windows native look and feel or spice things up with one of 30+ skins that are included.

Customize the Look and Feel with

Touch mode support

Enable Touch mode to make it easy to use Dispatch with tablets and touch screens. Controls like text input, list items and grid cells are automatically made larger and easier to use with touch enabled devices.

Touch mode

Zoom support

Zoom in and out to make Dispatch easier to use on large high-resolution displays, high DPI displays or in low light conditions.

Zoom support

QuickBooks and Sage Accounting support

We make it easy to seamlessly pull your Tickets into QuickBooks® for Invoicing!

QuickBooks export

QuickBooks invoice

Design your own ticket

This often requested feature is now ready to go. Dispatch now includes a Ticket Designer. Make a small customization to the default ticket or completely redesign the ticket format!

Design your own ticket

Print multiple copies on a single page

Use a laser or ink jet printer to print multiple copies of a ticket on a single sheet of paper.

Digital signature capture

If you decide to use a laser or ink jet printer for ticket printing, Dispatch supports the Wacom STU-530 signature pad for capturing driver signatures.

Wacom tablet

The captured signature is stored with the ticket and can be reproduced on multiple copies of a printed ticket.

Digital signature capture

Support for Topaz signature capture will be added as required. Unlike Wacom and even after multiple equiries, Topaz has been not been co-operative about supplying sample product for testing.

Digitally signed installer

With our digitally signed installer, you can have confidence that the file you've downloaded from our website is exactly what we uploaded.

Simplified registration process

Simplified registration process

No more fiddling with licence files and email attachments. You can use Dispatch to send us your machine ID and we will send you a registration code that you can copy and paste or input manually.

Simplified registration process

Evaluate Dispatch FREE for 45 Days!

You can download a free, 45-day evaluation of lastest version of Dispatch at no cost.

We provide the same toll-free support during the evaluation process that we provide to registered users. Call 1-800-461-0634 at any time and we will be happy to help you!

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Sample Tickets

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System requirements

Dispatch is a Windows® application that must be installed and run on a computer running one of Microsoft's Windows operating systems. Dispatch 3.2 has been tested with the following versions of Windows:

We support 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows except where noted.